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My Team and I will learn your current behaviours and goals, and
build a framework for you to not only achieve these goals, but redefine your
capabilities. When your health is prioritised, you can overcome any challenge.
My passion is to create a life-changing impact in the shortest amount of time,
empowering others to live their most fulfilling lives''.



Mets has found a new way to push me to my limits. For someone that studies and loves training and dieting, Mets offers new training methods to get the best results from my training. He is perfecting the art of training for hypertrophy while training smart at the same time, minimising the likelihood of injury and maximising the physical benefits. Mets has been a great influence and mentor for me and I believe he can take my training to all new levels. Excited for what the future holds with Mets by my side

Gold Coast

Working with Mets has completely transformed my life. I’ve gained 5kg of lean muscle, I am more confident, and I have redefined my sense of belief in my capabilities.Mets truly knows how to get the most out of those around him, and has kept me on track every step of the way. I am so excited to continue working with him and unlocking my potential.


Signing up for the 4 months was further evidence the program was going to hold me accountable whilst creating new gym and lifestyle changes that were much needed. 1 month in and I’m training harder than ever with no pain from my injuries which I thought would never be possible. So excited to see where this program takes me with Mets setting the pace.


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